Wednesday, 30 April 2014

2014 NaPoWriMo Day 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 & 30

Day 25 - Where Were You

I hate this,
me being too scared
to ask you the questions I desperately need to ask.
You're being cruel.
I don't know if it's intentional or not.
You're all openly discuss Her and the money
you all received from the Estate,
all clearly knowing I got fuck all.
You know my current financial situation
nor do you know my side of the story
about what happened between Her and me.
There is three sides to this story -
Hers, mine and the truth.
Not one of you ever bothered
to ask me my side,
therefore thinking she is justified
in cutting me out of Her will.
I didn't deserve that
and then to have your new wife
tell me how great a person you are,
how big your heart is
and how you give all you have got to help,
to love.
And in my head, as I nod numbly
at this statement was...
Where were you for me these last five years?
Where were you when I was ignored and dead to you?
Where were you when my life turned to an all consuming hell?

Day 26 - Breakfast Run

Strong wind buffeting helmets,
hands clenched tight to sissy bar,
winding curves, leaning too far.
Best ride in too long.

Day 27 - Family Ties

Family relationships when broken
need to be fixed.
Blood is key,
ties that

Day 28 - Gargoyles

Our friends made of stone,
silent watchers of the day.
The dark brings new life.
Brothers and friends, innocent
creatures we have lost to time.

Day 29 - Go Green

Angelic creatures
who roam this dying planet
to fight a battle
they are constantly losing,
good souls dying for the light.

Day 30 - We Wish You Well

Farewell my Friends,
I bid you Adieu.
The world has changed,
becoming a chaos we cannot manage.
We have ravaged and wasted,
destroyed and mistreated
the landscape that surrounds us.
We have poisoned everything -
water, air, earth, animals, lives and souls.

Farewell my Friends,
I bid you Bon Voyage.
The world has changed,
becoming a wound we cannot heal.
We have sold our humanity
with greed and corruption.
Our civilised ways have destroyed
families, friendships, tribes, all people,
creating a 'me and I' concept of thinking.

Farewell my Friends,
I bid you Arrivederchi.
The world has changed,
becoming a wasteland we must regrow.
So we ask those that do not care
to kindly enter the dome before you
where you will be serenely gassed,
so that we may fix the planet we have ruined.
My Friends, we wish you well.

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