Thursday, 24 April 2014

2014 NaPoWriMo Day 21, 22 , 23 & 24

Day 21 - Heaven and Hell

Living on this Earth
is Hell with Heaven sometimes
around the corner.
Day 22 - Unsure
I am unsure of
how to handle this
situation we
are in. I am still
unsure where we stand.

I still do not
know your motives.
Be they true or
are you playing?

I hope you
are trying
to amend,

I seek.

Day 23 - Uninspired
Writing every day
I am finding it harder,
my muse disappears
for long periods of time,
returning when life is hell.

Day 24 - The Beast Inside
This world is one storm after another,
where the calms are few and far between.

We tiptoe around the office,
me wishing you were rotting in hell
while you treat me like I don’t exist.
We’re emotional storms,
circling each other,
sucking in our co-workers,
unwilling, forcing them to choose sides.

You’re cold, distant, barely leaving a trail
compared to my volatile, angry outbursts.
People cower in my wake,
suffering quietly through my rages.
All because you didn’t have the balls
to do what you needed to.

They know you now for what you are.
You’re no longer the old school gentleman
in their eyes.

All you are is the Bastard
who broke a Woman
and woke the Beast inside.

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