Wednesday, 16 April 2014

2014 NaPoWriMo Day 14, 15 & 16

Day 14 - Listen to the Herons

Legend says that
Heaven’s Net is wide.
No matter what action you take,
there will always be a price.
A price for Crossing
the Nightingale Floor of Life -
no sound, no sight, no feeling -
only death.
Each step
a lost sound,
a lost moment,
a lost consequence.
A heart that follows love
is often followed by tragedy.
that Peace only follows after War.
After, not a battle of Light and Dark,
but a battle of Greys -
shifting shades, shifting alliances.
But the Peace never lasts,
for there will always be bloodshed.
The Weasel’s Dance goes on and on.

And you, sweet Warrior Boy
will only learn this many years from now
on the day you die.
And so now you rest,
unawares with your lover
under the Brilliance of the Moon,
grass for your pillow
and the Harsh Cry of the Herons
lulling you to sleep.

Day 15 - Path of the Ghost

Many moons ago in a vibrant land
of plenty, two tribes of warriors fought
one pale as ghosts, one dark as river sand.

A boy of the ghosts – abandoned – was taught
the ways of his adoptive people. Part
of but outcast, in a trap he was caught.

A man now, Ghost longed to win his love’s heart.
But is he worthy of the Pathfinder’s
daughter? Is he worthy of the tribe’s heart?

But Winter comes, the land cast in blinder’s
glow. The pale ones come in their Dragon ships.
A clang of steel sends out harsh reminders

to the native elders of the hardships
in the battle against the ghosts. Battles
of fire beaten steel, hardened arrow tips

against wooden spears and claymore rattles.
Ghost of two worlds carries his father’s sword.
Jester follows, to no one he prattles.

They fight valiantly against the horde
but captured they be, their lives threatened
for the father of Ghost was a Great Lord.

“Join us, my brother,” the General beckoned.
“Join us; show us where these savages hide.
You land your friends live if our trust is earned.”

Over cliffs they climb, death only a slide
away – as is treachery only steps
away. The quickest death is to be tied

to your fellow soldier when he missteps
off the cliff to instant death, you follow
unwilling – sacrificial lamb off steps.

The men fall, diving down like a dead swallow.
A battle between the General and Ghost,
narrow and fierce. Ghost is left to wallow

the death of both his people, to his post
he is called, with his love reunited.
He is Protector, Watcher of the Coast.

No longer outcast, they are united.
With his lover, the tribe, he will command.
The land now at P
eace, all are delighted.

Day 16 - My Expression

Why do you judge me?
For expressing my true self,
taking my insides,
placing it on the outside.
Why do you fear ink on skin?

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